My name is Mistress Petrana. I am a young Lifestyle and Professional Mistress from the Czech Republic. I live in the Czech Republic but I also travel a lot. If you like you can visit Me in Prague or Brno or I might travel to your hometown. In the middle of November 2016 I will be moving to the Netherlands and will stay there for one year. Be sure to check My travel schedule on My website.

I enjoy the Femdom lifestyle very much because it allows Me to realise My wishes and live out My life’s desires. I enjoy indulging Myself in luxury and I require nothing but the best from My slaves. I own several slaves and have a personal slave, all of them are fully devoted to Me. They are My personal property and I train them constantly to improve their behaviour, make them better slaves, and mold them to My liking. Being a slave of Mine means that I am in FULL control. My slaves have no rights whatsoever and I alone decide what is good for them. They are not allowed to masturbate and are only allowed to cum when I give them permission.


My slaves are generally well behaved. Whenever they misbehave or fail to please Me to My standards I inflict harsh punishments on them and whip them back in shape. I am very sadistic and I very much enjoy inflicting pain, so I often torture them just for My own amusement and sadistic pleasure. There is nothing I love more than to see a slave down on it’s knees suffering for My sadistic pleasure. I love all types of BDSM play and really enjoy impact play, face slapping, canning, flogging and whipping My slaves, torturing their nipples, inflicting CBT on them, ballbusting, trampling them under My perfect feet and so much more.

In addition to My personal and real time slaves I also have several online slaves that worship Me. I often do online sessions with them via Skype for instance; and I also have them work for Me. My online slaves perform all kinds of chores for Me like promoting My website, creating banners, editing clips and photos or ordering items from My wish list. I also like being active on social networks so you can find Me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Fetlife.

Apart from My love for BDSM, Domination and Fetish I also have non-kinky interests and hobbies. When I have free time I enjoy doing many things. For instance, I love to visit the opera house and theatre. I am a very cultural being and I also enjoy visiting cultural places with My slaves. I am very stylish and love to dress nicely. Being classy, chic and elegant is also part of My lifestyle. Sometimes one of My slaves takes Me shopping. I love elegant clothes as I said and of course shoes and perfumes. I think that perfumes can express your personality as well as your mood, passion and feelings. They can remind you also of many nice memories. I have one very nice perfume from Antwerp that reminds Me of My first trip with My personal slave. It was really such a nice trip. We had a great time in Antwerp and also visited the Femdomania party there.


I go out to nice restaurants and tea houses and I enjoy fine dining and good food. My favourite food is sushi or anything exotic. I am adventurous and like to try out new things. Another passion of Mine is wellness and sports. I work out regularly and always stay in top shape. It helps Me stay fit as well as helps Me relax. I also love to indulge Myself with a visit to a Spa and I love being pampered like the Queen that I am. I was born to be spoiled and it is the duty of every slave to pamper Me!

When the weather outside is horrible I prefer staying home and enjoy relaxing with a nice cup of warm tea and reading a book; sometimes with one of My personal slaves serving as My butler or footstool while I relax. My taste in music ranges from classical, ambient to gothic rock or electronic music. When I have time I also love to travel. I like to discover new places and I enjoy staying at nice hotels, going to restaurants, going shopping, and visiting nice places and meeting new people.

Life is an adventure and I live it to the fullest.